Leaving Ghana

I’m preparing to leave Ghana. The plane will take off in a few hours and I will be home with my family and friends this week. There will be a few more posts on the blog about the closing up of work on the Agriculture As A Business program we’ve run with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

In the meantime… I am simply sad to be leaving my friends and host family here. Justa bought a card for me with the following message. I think it speaks fairly well for itself. Goodbyes are difficult for me so I will just leave you with her words. Thanks Justa.

Fare Well


Be assured that you are

always thought of,

though we may not

hear from each other

often, but out of sight

is not out of mind

I will always be with you

in thoughts and in spirit

more than you could imagine.

May God protect, and bless


& all that belongs to you.

Fare well &

See you soon!



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2 responses to “Leaving Ghana

  1. Sara

    Wow Sarah. I didn’t realize it was time for you to come home so soon. I hope your re-uniting with friends and family back home has helped you to start making the transition back to life in Canada. Thanks for all the thoughtful and inspirational posts while you were away. Best of luck with your home-coming!

  2. Nadia

    Hi Sarah,

    I came across your blog while looking for information on what to take for my host family in Ghana, but I stayed awhile and read through your beautifully written reflections.

    Thanks for sharing…


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