At home in Tongo

This photo show can hopefully convey that there are a bunch of great things going for me at home at the moment.

This is my home from afar at dusk. It’s the house under the tree with the tin roofing and the Baobab tree to its right. There is a thatch roof house in front that belongs to Patrick’s brother, also a school teacher. My bedroom is actually the bit of roofing to the far left. It’s pretty luxurious actually. The main family compound is to the left of this picture.


This is Madame Lardi, my host mother and Patrick’s second wife.

And Madam Augustine, holding new baby Emanuella, is Patrick’s first wife.

Kids playing in the courtyard. Lauratia (popem tshirt), and Donald(grey shirt wrestling) are from my family compound.

In the night, this is the crowd watching movies and news on the TV in our courtyard. The night I took this picture I counted 55 people. (There are a bunch more to the right of this picture). It is the only TV in the whole extended family, which is quite big.


mmmmm… yeah and I really like the motorbike – forgive me for obsessing for the next three photos…


Every evening I come home and park my moto at Justa’s on my way home. It was beautiful on Friday, if a little dusty from Harmattan, and I took some I love my motorbike pictures… with a fowl for accent.

A dear neighbour was also around.


I talked with my aunt Corrine tonite and she told me I need to take pictures of me on the motorbike. So this one is dedicated to her! With much love!


Here is a stealthy picture of Justa as she walks towards me at the end of the row of government housing for health workers. She is a Nurse’s Aide at the health centre.


Justa catching the setting sun.



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4 responses to “At home in Tongo

  1. Martine Poolman

    Hi Sarah,
    Somehow I accidently stumbled across this website in a google search for things related to the UER regional MoFA. Nice to find you here after having met you in Bolga in December. It’s definately a nice way to read a bit more about what’s going on and to see how your work is going.
    Wishing you all the best for the new year!!
    all the best,

  2. dancingsun

    Hi Sarah

    Marvelous pictures of family life in your region. I can only imagine how amazing it must be to be in this setting and living amongst these remarkable people.

    Much love,
    Uncle Paul

  3. Arthur Kong

    Hi Sarah!

    I am very happy to see that you’re LTOV in Ghana seems to be going very well.

    I hope everything is going super well for you personally. I have been following your blog closely the past year.


    P.S. I love that picture of you on the motorcycle

  4. Nice moto, Sarah.

    That Justa seems to be a pretty cool cat.

    Please greet everyone for me.

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